Gr○un土: Vodunizm


Multi CultiのDJ Thomashの大阪公演をやってくださいましたChillmountainのGr○un土さんによるフル・アルバム『Vodunizm』がリリースになりました。

『Multi Culti Japan』のシャーマニック/マージナルな世界観にも通じるギリギリのダンス・ミュージック。境界線上で危うい綱渡りを繰り広げながら……あちら側(どこだ?)に吸い込まれてしまうこと確実!これはクセになります。


After having released re-edits and music on the labels like Magic Wand and Most Excellent Unlimited, DJ GrOund has finally put out his debut album "Vodunizm" on his own Chillmountain imprint.

Resonating with contemporary (deep) house revival, balearic and nu-disco kind of groove around the world, DJ GrOund, hailing from Osaka Japan, has been establishing his own place to stand with unique meditative sound, sinking deep into body and mind, going nowhere in particular, yet naturally fitting anywhere.

The album gets raved and has his mix on air at the RinseFM show by Auntie Flo, of Huntleys and Palmers fame.  His music is also played by DJ Thomash (Multi Culti).

DJ GrOund orgaizes "Chillmountain" open-air party every year and is maiking a great conribution to the alternative music scene in Osaka, inheriting what EYE / Boredoms, Altz and the like has made.